I began my formal art training at East Tennessee State University in photography and painting. After leaving college without a degree in 1993, I entered the workforce. From telemarketing to bindery work at a press to technical service support, I ultimately trained myself in Information Technology.

Web page design led to high level programming with a tech start-up in 2000. With the tech stock bust came a layoff--with my son on the way in 2001.

When he arrived we moved back to my hometown where my parents provided the amazing opportunity to operate a gallerydowntown. I painted full-time for a year.

The time there focused my efforts to break from my commercialized work and begin an honest artistic search. But the business was not immediately succeeding and my mother decided to try a different avenue.

I'm now working full time for my father's trucking company, processing payroll each week. My I.T. experience helped me to develop systems which vastly consolidate and streamline the work, affording me time to build a career in art.

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