At East Tennessee State University, one of my professors of photography told the class during a critique, "Study your contact sheets. There you will find what it is that interests you. Then focus on that."

Only in the last few years have I taken his advice to heartbut in my painting instead. I found myself drawn to a very central idea in art. Information filters through our senses to our brains, where it is further filtered and then fed through our limbs to our chosen media. This system is fraught with limitations, inconsistencies and flaws. And we transmit those flaws to the systems of communication we develop and use everyday, such as television and the Internet.

My work is concerned with revealing and exploring these limitations. Sometimes the subjects are kitsch. Occasionally I celebrate the beauty inherent in successfully working through these limitations. Sometimes I malign them.

The work has a representational flavor, but I am not a traditional artist. And, unless commissioned for such a work, I usually shun traditional methods and techniques. I want to push the media to its limits. And I feel compelled to push the viewer to the aesthetic limits.

No subject is out of bounds. The work is not political, sensual, humorous, shocking, admonishing, quiet, unassuming, offensive or crazy. But it can be any one or all of these things.

In short, the "Damaged Media" series of paintings is meant to be like a conversation. These are the things I talk about. These are the things I think about. They are the things I feel strongly about. And the common thread is that there is something broken, ruined or otherwise lost in translation about all of them.

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